Hershey Kiss Kind of Girl!

hershey kiss kind of girl 1What would you do if you walked out of your job one day and Hershey Kisses covered your dash?  Chocolate is a wonderful thing and when given by the right individual it speaks volumes.  This is the memory that played in my mind as I listened to my six year old talk about having a boyfriend.  The subject was brought up by one of her friends while riding in the car with me.  I wanted to scream, “Thanks a lot!”  (Side Note:  Be careful who you let your children spend time with.)  I decided not to say anything immediately.  I wanted to broach the topic carefully and with clarity.  AFTER we dropped “Friend” off, I explained to both of my girls that there are two types of females.  There is the female that has a bunch of boyfriends throughout her lifetime, but none ever really treat her special, and there is the other type that only has one, but they worship the ground she walks on.  To help them understand, I told them a personal story.  My oldest loves nothing more than to hear one of my personal stories.

One day when their father and I were dating, I walked out of the door of my job and noticed a silver glimmer in the dash area of my car.  The closer I got the more my curiosity grew.  Once I reached my car, I saw the words “I LOVE YOU” spelled out with Hershey Kisses!  I was shocked and pleasantly surprised all at the same time.  I actually stood there for a while in awe.  That loving moment is one I will never forget.  My husband (then boyfriend) took time out of his day to do something special and out of the ordinary for me.  This simple yet thoughtful act showed me he was thinking about me when he didn’t have to.  We hadn’t argued or had a disagreement.  He just decided to do it out of the kindness of his heart.  This is one of many kind gestures he has done over the years for me.

I concluded the story by asking my girls the following question, “Now, are you a treat-me-any-kind-of-way girl or a Hershey Kiss kind of girl?”  Are you a girl that is going to be treated mean and disrespectfully as you get older or one who is going to be treated special?  After further explanation of the prior statement, they both voted on being Hershey Kiss kinds of girls.  I often remind them of their choice because I want it to stay fresh in their minds.  I even considered getting t-shirts made for them that says, “I Am a Hershey Kiss Kind of Girl!” (I still might do that.)

hershey kiss kind of girl 1dI would encourage every parent out there to do something.  If you have a daughter, share this story with them and have them verbally make a choice on the type of girl they want to be regardless of their age.  If you have a son, also share this story with him and encourage him to be the type of guy who goes after one girl rather than many.  If we start showing our children examples of godly relationships, maybe in years to come there will be fewer and fewer broken homes.

Happy Valentine’s and in case you were wondering, I’m still a Hershey Kiss kind of girl!


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  1. Delonda
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 19:17:24

    Love it!!


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