I Can See You Picking Your Nose

I teach fifth grade, and in this profession you see a lot of things. As many teachers will tell you, one of those things is students will periodically pick their nose.

Almost every year (including this one even though we’ve only been in session five days), I see students picking their nose.  One thing I’ve noticed practically every time is they will use one hand to pick and one hand to cover the “crime”.  Keep in mind I’m not at my desk.  I’m usually up teaching and because they use their hand to cover up the nose picking they really think I can’t see it.  Please understand it is as gross as I am describing, but I try real hard not to humiliate my students.  After ten years, I still don’t have a definitive way of handling the situation.  I typically make a mental note not to touch any of their things if I can help it.

I would love for these students to know and understand that they’re really not hiding anything.  Really they’re drawing attention to themselves more than anything else.  Sin is kind of like that.  Satan has a way of making people think as long as no one is looking or sees what they’re doing no one will really know what’s going on.  As parents, we have to teach our children not to pick their nose in public of course, but also not to fall for any of Satan’s tricks.  In school there are many opportunities to cover things up.  Maybe they didn’t get their homework done and they’re tempted to copy a classmate’s.  Maybe their group of friends is teasing someone and they’re struggling with getting involved or not.

There are all sort of scenarios and opportunities for our students to want to cover up a situation.  It’s our job as Christian parents to remind them that their Heavenly Father sees and knows all.  Matthew 6:4 tells us that the Father sees what’s done in secret, and Romans 6:23 tells us that the wages of sin is death.  These are two important scriptures we need to share often with our school aged children.  Also, don’t forget to teach them not to pick their nose because the teacher can see them!  🙂


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