Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Picture this – I’m ironing away on my five year old’s top with little time before her kindergarten teacher is scheduled to arrive to meet her.  Nervous and excited would describe both of our moods at that moment.  During this ironing session, my mind was busily racing.  “Is the house clean enough?’  “Is Dad going to make it home in time?”  “Will she notice the scuffed column or the living room carpet stain?”  “Are there any hidden dust bunnies lurking around?”

Clearly, I had a lot on my mind!  With all that going on in my mind along with the ironing, my youngest approaches extremely upset over the struggle to get her shirt on.  In a very whiny (and I mean very whiny) voice she tells me “I can’t!” (referring to putting on her shirt).  Refusing to get flustered I began “Yes, you can!”  Her response – “I can’t!”  We went back and forth, and I told her to go look in the mirror and figure out where she was messing up.  Her response – “I can’t!”  By this point the shirt is now stuck under her chin which is keeping it from going over her head.  Again – “I can’t”  Me – “Go to the mirror!” “I can’t!”  “Go to the mirror!”  Finally, it went over her head, but she did not use the mirror.  Having done so would have made her life a lot easier, but she wasn’t having it.

Sometimes I help her and sometimes I don’t.  Regardless, she has to learn how to put on a shirt.  Instead of just doing it for her (like her dad would have done), I try to teach her strategies – use the mirror – in the event I’m not around to dress her.

This school year equip your child with strategies for any challenges they may face.  Make them use their mirror – the word of God, to help them through hard times from being teased in kindergarten to possible dating issues in high school.  That way if you’re not around they know exactly what to do!  A good first step is to have them memorize scriptures.  For starters, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”


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