Smells Like Butt-Cheek!

Today on our way back from my brother-in-law’s Memorial Day cookout we drove by some chicken farms, and the smell was awful!  My husband and I both discussed the variety of smells it compared to.  My vote was sour trash, and he said it smelled like stank (that was a phrase my daughter used to use.)  Anyway, the same daughter chimed in with “It smells like butt cheek!”  OMG is all I wanted to say out of complete shock!  I looked at her dad, and he looked at me.  I proceeded with the typical “Where did you hear that?” and “Who says butt cheek?”.  She told me where she heard it, and we discussed how that is an ugly word so on and so forth.  My husband promptly replied with “This is just the beginning!”

Surprisingly, she heard it at church today from another child.  All I could think is what is she going to hear when she starts school in the fall.  We work hard to protect both of our girls from hearing things prematurely.  We monitor how we speak, what they watch on TV, even who they spend time with.  Sadly, in one swoop it can all be blown away, unless…

So, ponder this question – “Who’s praying for your children?”  It’s a simple question, but one worth asking.  The world we live in is full of temptation, peer pressure, and so many negative influences that it’s hard to wrap my mind around sometimes.  The Bible says that satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  From watching the news alone, I think he is definitely doing his job.  But Christ comes to give us life and life more abundantly.

This tells me that satan will try to kill, steal, and destroy my children’s lives IF I allow it.  My job as a parent is to pray for them daily.  I pray for their protection, the strength to do right, their healing, and so on.  (I will post a sample prayer below.)  But if I got slack on the job and didn’t pray for them, who would?  My children mean more to me than anything in this world, and because their my children the type of Christian they become will largely come from my influence.

So, if you don’t do anything else, pray for your children.  If you don’t cover them, someone else will definitely influence them.

-Make a list of all the people you believe are praying for your children. The results may surprise you.

Sample Prayer:

Prayer of a Mother:

Lord, I ask you to bless my child(ren). I pray that they are
divinely protected as they go about their daily routines. I draw a blood
line around every vehicle they are riding, every piece of property they
stand on, and every building they are in. You have given me authority
to command the angels to be encamped around them protecting them
and keeping them safe.

I speak against any tragic accidents, any tragic phone calls,
and any tragic situations. Lord, you are not the creator of evil, but
you can turn every bad situation around for my child.
I ask that you give my child(ren) discernment to know right
from wrong, and the strength to do the right thing. I pray that the
gifts that you have given my child that they will use them for Your
glory and Your glory only.

I also pray that you grace me to be the mother I need to be.
Give me the grace to forgive them and to speak gentle words unto
them.  Lord, help me to see my child(ren) through your eyes and not my

I say that my child(ren) is the head and not the tail and above
and not beneath. My child is blessed, and I thank you for your word
not coming back void, but accomplishing everything you set it out to.
In Jesus’ name, Amen!




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