“Plug it in, Plug it in”

(Sunday Morning – 9:30 am) – I’m ironing away like a mad woman on a pair of pants.  The wrinkles aren’t budging, and I can’t figure out why.  The conversation playing out in my head at this time is as follows:

“They don’t make stuff like they used to.”  “Irons used to get hotter back in the day.”  “As soon as I get a chance, I’m going to ask some other folks about the quality of their iron.”  “This is ridiculous!”

I am beyond frustrated at this point because I’m late for church, and this wasn’t even my original outfit.  How dare my pants be wrinkled.  The iron wasn’t even warming up.  It was actually cooling down.  That’s when I realized, the iron was not plugged in.  I did what any foolish-feeling person would do – I bent down and plugged the iron in.  I had wasted five precious minutes pushing an iron back and forth.  It got me to thinking…

How many people are “plugged in” to a great church?  A great church challenges you to live differently when you exit the doors.  A great church leaves you wanting more.  A great church makes you want to be a better Christian, spouse, parent, child, employee, etc.  A great church sparks a fire in you that no one can put out regardless how unpopular you may appear.  A great church encourages you when you’re down.

I have to be plugged in.  It’s not even a want any more-it’s a requirement.  I know I can’t make it on my own, and being plugged in is the only way I can stay at  a difference-making-temperature.  There are people right now that go through the motions and attend church, but can’t iron out the wrinkles the devil throws in their path.  It’s because they’re cooling off and not warming up.  I would encourage anyone who is not being fired up to pray and see if it’s the church or a personal attitude that needs to be changed.  Either way – get plugged in!

Plug it in, Plug it in!”

I’m plugged in to www.wlfconline.org


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julius Miller
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 20:39:05

    This is great stuff… I needed to hear this… Thanks love..


  2. Bethany
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 23:22:24

    A great post as usual! 🙂


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